Mona Lisa, The Secret in the Eye

We are delighted to announce the ‘Mona Lisa: Secret in the Eye’, this fascinating piece combines world renowned micro sculptor, Willard Wigan and world famous art forger, John Myatt. Taking an identical forgery of the Mona Lisa with a microscopic version in her eye, painted with an eyelash! We will be showcasing the artwork at our Mayfair gallery, you can also view online with VeryFirstTo where it’s available for purchase.

johnandwilliardWillard Wigan MBE (Left), John Myatt (Right)

We were joined with guests and the artists behind its creation for the unveiling of this incredible piece tonight, it certainly left us all in awe of what was thought impossible. Take a look behind the scenes with exclusive images and the story behind it all… don’t forget to join us in Mayfair to view it for yourself, limited time only, date to be announced soon!

They had never met, yet reports of a secret code being discovered in the eyes of the world’s most famous painting, simultaneously ignited the imagination of two audacious artists and marked the start of the journey that has resulted in the most remarkable artist collaboration of the decade.


Hailed as ‘the world’s finest living art forger’ John Myatt has painted an indistinguishable version of the original Mona Lisa, and ‘the greatest micro sculptor on earth’ Willard Wigan MBE has created its smallest replica that features in her eye – painted with the hair of a fly. Mona Lisa: Secret In The Eye is available to view online, and purchase through, luxury launches website at £1,000,000 ($1,252,200/ €1,118,000). It is also exhibited at, and available for purchase at, our Mayfair gallery.

Click here to view the full story about Mona Lisa: Secret in the eye that was shown at Trinity House in London.